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NFL Los Angeles Chargers Prediction: First in AFC West


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The Los Angeles Chargers will become road warriors in 2018. As per the information and stats of ESPN, the Chargers must travel round trips of 30,797 miles in this season, including a game in London in 7th Week against the Titans Tennessee.

The Oakland Raiders travel more miles (31,716) than the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers are famous for the 9th easy strength of the schedule in NFL to initiate the typical season at .480. Anthony Lynn was the coach of the second season of Los Angeles Chargers, and they could have the advantage of endurance in the transition year for the remaining AFC West.

Lynn said that they are missing out the sour taste of tiebreaker playoff so this current schedule is nice that can help them to lock in their positions for 2018. You may have this information for months, but at the time of focus, the things will become clear. The current schedule has a work cut for them. He is excited about his team and knows that they are ready for this challenge.

Prediction: First in AFC West

Self-proclaimed fight of Chargers for LA can be a cause of loss, at least for some time because Rams are famous in Los Angeles. They were the highlights of the last season while Chargers are not. However, their hopes are legitimate for Bolts after several missed playoffs.

The high expectations of the Chargers can change the dynamic of the AFC West. For now, Chiefs of defending champions has lost Alex Smith (quarterback) and Marcus Peters (cornerback), and Broncos and the Raiders tumbled to losing records. The Jon Gruden is the X-factor, and he can change the dynamics of Raider for a division title.

The averages law might favor the Chargers, who haven’t reached the competitions since 2013. Moreover, they haven’t won the division after 2009. A home competition can be a remarkable sight considering that their house is a soccer pitch of 27,000 seats in suburban Carson.


The predictable finally happened. Antonio Gates and Star tight, who is a fixture with the Chargers since a notable breakthrough novice 2003 season, was permitted to become a free agent after the expiry of his contract.

The departure of Gates leaves Philip Rivers, the quarterback as a high-ranking diplomat on this squad. Rivers remains ambitious to earn Super Bowl long-sought title. The small base of the team L.A. fans considers the Chargers may go as long as the tandem Pro Bowl of Rivers and Keenan Allen may take them.

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