Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Wants Fights With Bader, Gustafsson


Anthony “Rumble” JohnsonAnthony “Rumble” Johnson is excited about the possibility of a January fight with No. 1 contender Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson, but would like the opportunity to take on UFC Fight Night 47 winner Ryan “Darth” Bader in October beforehand.

“Nobody has really seen my wrestling,” said Johnson, “so a fight with [Bader] would be a good way for me to display my wrestling.”

The Dublin, Georgia native thinks a fight with Bader would be a good show of more of his abilities and could be scheduled so that he can still fight in January.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to fight in late October or something like that if there are any fights open,” noted Johnson on what his plan would be for the next half year, “I was hoping I could fight Ryan Bader in late October and fight Gus on the Jones card.”

Whether he gets his wish will depend on UFC President Dana White’s plan and the upcoming fight schedules for the fall. Johnson thinks a fight with Bader would show his toughness, “I’ve always wanted to fight Ryan Bader because I’ve always thought he was a tough fighter.”

While Bader is coming off a solid performance, Johnson thought, “it was a boring fight.” Johnson’s last win was quite the crowd-please as he recorded an impressive first round knockout of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at a UFC Fight Night this summer.

However, Johnson isn’t opposed to the Gustafsson fight and is actually looking forward to the opportunity to share the fight card with the Cormier versus Jones light heavyweight championship tilt in January.

“It will be a good fight,” said Johnson, “Gus is taller than me, but I think we have the same amount of length of reach. So it’ll be interesting.”

Johnson also points out that, “Gus likes to move a lot and I like to stalk people and see what they have to offer. It will be a hell of a fight.”

“Exciting fighters put on exciting fights, and that’s what fans want to see,” said Johnson, “I definitely want to give the fans what they want to see.”

Johnson also believes that having his fight with Gustafsson on the same card as the Jones-Cormier fight will be, “a preview of what the light heavyweights have to offer.”

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