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Arizona Cardinals Linebacker John Abraham Found Passed Out


NFL NewsMore details emerged today about a DUI charge against Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl Linebacker John Abraham.

According to the police report on June 29th at 4 pm, an Atlanta police officer found Abraham passed out behind the wheel of the pro bowler’s black Dodge Challenger at in intersection in the middle of an Atlanta suburb after Abraham had left the Pink Pony strip club.

More details of the report emerged today, indicating that it took the officer, “several” minutes to wake up the linebacker, and when the officer finally managed to wake Abraham, his speech was very slurred.

The officer wrote that Abraham seemed confused and, “rambled while speaking.”

Abraham reportedly told the officer that he had consumed two drinks while at the club, and did not want to drive the vehicle. Abraham said he had contacted someone to come pick him up from the club, but the person had failed to show up.

The linebacker failed a series of field sobriety tests including walking balancing, and being able to recite the alphabet. According to the report Abraham was unable to complete the alphabet from C to X, eventually becoming frustrated and giving up, which led to his arrest.

While Abraham originally agreed to a breathalyzer test, he changed his mind and did not take the test. The officer also confiscated Abraham’s South Carolina driver’s license, which had been suspended.

If Abraham is found guilty he will be subject to suspension and fines from the NFL in addition to whatever he would face from the courts.

Last year Abraham was a major contributor to the Cardinals defense, sacking the quarterback 11.5 times and forced 4 fumbles.

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