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Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice Receives Warm Reception


ray riceIn the Baltimore Ravens firs preseason game of the year, one they would go on to win 23-3 over the San Francisco 49ers, running back Ray Rice received some boisterous applause based on  his performance on the field.

In 1 series Rice had 3 carries for 17 yards. Thursday’s game marked the first time since Ray Rice’s alleged domestic violence incident that he has played in front of a crowd.

Rice was cheered during pregame introductions, and after his 6 yard run. At no point during either of those moments could boos directed at Rice be heard from the Baltimore crowd.

Rice had this to say about the cheers, “That means the world to me.” Rice elaborated during a post game interview,  “Everything I went through, I don’t take anything for granted anymore, especially going out there and playing in front of our fans. It’s a lot of respect that I have to go out there and earn because of the position that I put myself in.”

Rice has lost 15 pounds this offseason, and displayed a quickness, acceleration, and decisiveness in his runs that helped make him one of the game’s elite running backs.

“Training this offseason and focusing on the stuff that I needed to focus on — diet, exercise, all the stuff I needed to do — finally I got down to the weight I was comfortable at and went out there and executed.”

Rice was arrested February 15th on aggravated assault charges against after allegedly striking then fiance, now wife, Janay Palmer. Rice allegedly knocked her unconscious, and video showed him removing her while she appeared to be unconscious from an elevator in an Atlantic City hotel.

Rice plead not guilty to the charges, and has avoided trial by agreeing, in May to a pretrial intervention program. Rice was suspended by the NFL for the first 2 games of the upcoming season in response to the incident.

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