Bud Selig Still Believes Oakland A’s Need New Stadium


Oakland StadiumCommissioner of baseball Bud Selig, who will retire from that position next January, will step down with one issue he would still like resolved. Commissioner Selig still firmly believes that the Oakland A’s need a new stadium.

Selig did recently praise all parties involved on the A’s reaching a 10 year lease agreement with the Oakland-Alameda County Colosseum Authority to stay at the A’s current, rundown stadium. Whether the A’s look to have a stadium built at the current location of the Coliseum, or at another, Selig will support the teams ideas.

“This is always something I wanted to get resolved before I leave office, which is another 5½ or six months,” Selig said Tuesday, citing litigation as the current snag. “I’ve always said the local club, they know their market best.”

The team and MLB are currently involved in litigation with the city of San Jose, where the San Francisco Giants have territorial rights, in order to move the A’s there.

“I know there’s been criticism about the length this has taken. I’m proud of everything we’ve done the last 22 years, but this is one of those things as I look back on it, however, it’s complicated, it’s very complicated,” Selig said. “Now we have litigation, so everything is now on hold. That’s just a fact of life once we get in litigation. But let me say at the outset, this team needs a new ballpark. … Once the litigation’s resolved, then we’ll all proceed.”

With Rob Manfred, the recently elected successor to the commissioner’s office, taking over for the 80 year old Selig in January, he will be the driving factor in helping the A’s pursue a new stadium, a feat that Selig strongly believes will help the A’s immensely.


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