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Cleveland Browns Brian Hoyer Still Leads QB Race


Cleveland Browns Brian HoyerAccording to Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine did not give any solid information as to what the final result of the quarterback competition between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, Pettine did confirm that Hoyer is still in the lead.

“We put Brian out there with the ones, and that was for a reason,” Pettine said of the preseason opener in Detroit on Saturday. “Because he was ahead, because of his edge in experience and the lead he had with the playbook. And he’s done nothing to have that taken away from him.”

Johnny Manziel is coming on strong though according to the coach.¬†Johnny has made some improvement, a lot of improvement. He’s come in, and the things where he was behind in the spring, I think he’s got a pretty firm grasp on. As we said before, it was him versus the playbook, and he’s handling it well.”

“He’s really gone from one extreme to the other, and I think he’s handled it well,” Pettine continued.

Pettine has not yet named a starter for the Browns 2nd preseason game, something that will be critical in determining who will be the starter as Pettine has stated that he would like to have his starting quarterback for the regular season opening decided before the 3rd preseason game is underway.

“I would like it decided before then,” he said. “I’m not going to say that that’s 1,000 percent etched in stone. But I would like it before then.”

With no clear winner in the ongoing quarterback competition, whichever quarterback plays better against the Redskins in the Browns 2nd preseason game, may earn the starting job come time for the regular season.

The quarterback competition for the Browns is important, as it will decide the Browns offensive leader as they look to improve from their disappointing recent history.

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