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Cleveland Browns Fine Johnny Manziel


Johnny ManzielThe Cleveland Browns have fined Johnny Manziel, along with 2 other unnamed rookies, for being late to a team meeting the Browns were having before this week in training camp got underway.

“[Manziel] and a few other rookies misread the schedule and they were, I think, fined for being a couple minutes late on Monday morning,” said ESPN’s Chris Mortenson during Monday Night Countdown.

According to the report, Manziel’s late entrance to the meeting did not affect Browns head coach Mike Pettine’s decision to have Brian Hoyer start the Browns week 2 preseason game against the Washington Redskins, rather than Manziel.

Despite the fact that Manziel is not going to be starting the game against the Redskins, coach Pettine’s plan involves Manziel getting as many reps with the first team offense as Hoyer gets. The performance of both quarterbacks in the Browns next preseason game will go a long way to determine the starter in preseason week 3, usually a strong indicator of who will be the starting quarterback when the regular season rolls around.

Manziel was accounted for during the Brown’s Sunday bed-check, so it is unlikely that the rookie was out partying the night before he was late to the meeting, something that Manziel has earned somewhat of a reputation for, even before he was drafted.

While Manziel’s of the field behavior has been under incredible scrutiny since he won the Heisman Trophy while playing for Texas A&M, the quarterback has had a relatively quiet summer, and until being late for Monday’s meeting, an incident free training camp.

Both Manziel and Hoyer are going try and out do each other and impress the coaching staff in Monday’s preseason game against the Redskins. Both quarterbacks want nothing more than to be the starter when the preseason finally ends and the games begin to count, and the competition is fierce.

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