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Cleveland Browns Receiver Josh Gordon Blames Second Hand Smoke


Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon, is facing a year long suspension from the NFL for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy by testing positive for marijuana.

Gordon and his defense team plan to appeal the suspension with league offices in a hearing Friday, their defense will be blaming secondhand marijuana smoke for the positive result.

Gordon’s legal team will argue that the positive results of the tests are so marginal that it could be conceivable that the results weren’t actually positive, and if they were, were the result of second hand smoke.

There were two samples taken from the same specimen test. The first of these samples resulted in a 16 nanogram per milliliter result, 1 nanometer above the 15-nanogram-per-milliliter threshold. The second sample, which should be consistent as it was taken from the same specimen test, gave a 13.63 nanogram per milliliter result.

According to various scientific studies, these test results are similar to the results that occurred in people who were exposed to secondhand smoke.

In addition to this evidence, Gordon’s defense team also plans to introduce witnesses who will testify that Gordon did  not actually smoke, and was therefore the subject of second hand smoking, which the league has maintained that it does not suspend players for.

For comparisons sake, Gordon’s test results would have resulted in an overall negative for may other professional sports leagues, including the extremely strict testing policy of the Olympic games and Major League Baseball, as well as work standards for the Federal Government. It would also be a negative for certain state standards, such as those in California and Nevada which are responsible for overseeing professional boxing and mixed martial arts fights.

With all of these things in Josh Gordon’s favor, there is a chance that the receiver will play this season after all, providing a big target for whoever earns the starting job come the regular season.

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