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Cleveland Cavaliers Land Shawn Marion


shawn marionFree agent defensive specialist Shawn Marion has committed to signing with the Cleveland Cavalers, joining LeBron James and company in their pursuit of an NBA championship for the upcoming season.

Marion has been one of the more highly pursued free agents of late garnering interest from not only the Cleveland Cavaliers, but from the Los Angeles Clippers, Indiana Pacers, and Miami Heat as well.

In the end, Marion decided to follow LeBron to Cleveland and make his run at a title with them, hardly surprising considering Pacers GM Larry Bird said Marion’s biggest factor was playing for a championship caliber team.

The only other team that was actively pursuing Marion that could be considered to truly be championship caliber was the Clippers, but the draw of playing with the best player in the world today was simply too much for the Clippers to overcome in their efforts to draw Marion to LA.

Another factor Cleveland had over the Clippers, was the fact that the Cavaliers play in the traditionally softer and somewhat less competitive Eastern Conference.

Shawn Marion has been most touted in his time with the Dallas Mavericks as an impressive defensive player, who is versatile in who he can guard, while also providing solid size along with some offensive ability.

Marion will likely serve as a role player on a team with James, Kyrie Irving, and according to reports Kevin Love once August 23rd rolls around and Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded.

The Cavaliers appear to have added another piece to an impressive team in their pursuit of a championship, and have a legitimate chance of going from getting 2 straight 1st overall picks, to winning a championship during the course of free agency.

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