Dana White Ends Silence On Jones-Cormier Brawl


dana-whiteUFC President Dana White ended his vacation, and his silence, on the brawl between Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel “DC” Cormier at a press conference on the UFC 178 media tour that wrecked the set and has led to a series of verbal jabs between the two fighters.

White believes the eruption occurred due to the inexperience of UFC Senior Director of Public Relations Dave Sholler, the guy between the fighters, that contributed to the escalation. White said he, “doesn’t really have any experience out there between the guys,” and that, “There’s times when you know something is going on and you’re ready to jump in there and get that thing diffused.”

“Sometimes you’ll see me put a hand in, or sometimes you’ll see me do something else. I would have separated them,” said White.

White laid out what he would have done differently had he been the man in the middle on the platform, “I would have got my arm in there before that contact was even made. I would have seen the contact coming and I would have stopped it. Then I would have been right in the middle.”

“It was the head butt, Jones headbutted Cormier,” said White, “that’s what upset [Daniel] and made him push back.”

“The baddest man in the world will never do that to me. It’s just disrespectful,” said Cormier, ““I don’t want my son to see me fighting in the lobby of a casino. But I also don’t want my son sitting there getting disrespected by anyone. It’s like a double-edged sword. It’s very upsetting. It’s very, very upsetting.”

“I’m not afraid of Jon Jones in any way shape or form so he’s not going to come in there and bully me. It’s not going to happen,” continued Cormier, “He’s a little punk and somebody needs to put him in his place and I’m going to be the person to do it.”

“I just think we both acted immaturely up there. I think things just escalated way too fast,” said Jones, “Before this situation I never looked at it as being too personal. But now it’s very personal.”

White believes his spot between the fighters is the best place to be in sports, “The position that I get to stand in during those staredowns is the greatest position in all of [expletive] sports.”

“People can try to sugar coat it or try to spin any way that they want, that’s the reality. That’s who they are, that’s what they’re paid to do and that’s what you show up to watch,” said White on the reality that two fighters are facing off, “when you get two guys like that and you don’t handle the situation in the right way to defuse it, that’s what happens.”

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