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Donald Trump Meets With Buffalo Bills Officials


trumpAs the process of selling the Buffalo Bills continues, the Bills are meeting with various ownership groups, the first presentation was to Donald Trump.

The presentation was made on Wednesday in the Detroit area. Buffalo Sabres Terry and Kim Pegula, and a Toronto based group with Jon Bon Jovi as a front man are also scheduled for meetings with the Bills.

This information was first reported by The Buffalo News on Thursday morning.

These meetings are made so that the organization can present prospective buyers with financial and background information related to the franchise. The sale process is private, but we do know that any bids for the bills franchise must be received within the next 3 weeks.

The sale of the Bills, brought on largely due to the death of longtime owner Ralph Wilson, who owned the team for over 54 years, is something that is somewhat concerning for fans. There is the possibility that a new owner or ownership group will move the Bills franchise out of Buffalo, to a larger market, most notably Los Angeles.

As with the sale of any professional sports team in today’s world, any deal reached would likely be in the billions of dollars, especially after the recent sale of the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion as an NBA franchise, which typically sell at lower prices than football franchises.

When the Buffalo Bills are sold, the fate of the team’s location is certainly to be something the fans worry about. Jon Bon Jovi, front man for the Toronto based ownership group, has stated that if they are to buy the team, the franchise will remain in Buffalo.

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