Fans In Philly Nicer Than In New York, Says Mark Sanchez


NFL NewsMark Sanchez is no longer a Jet. Nowadays he is set up in Philadelphia as a backup to Nick Foles. Towards the end of his time in New York, Sanchez drew nothing, but the disdain of Jets fans, who even went so far as to boo the then starting quarterback for some poor play during training camp.

Then, during the following preseason, Sanchez went down with a season ending shoulder injury that lost him any shot at redemption in the eyes of the Jets faithful.

Since arriving in Philadelphia Sanchez has offered this interesting comparison, “The fans are a lot nicer here.”

While maybe simply trying to endear himself to his new team’s fans, Mark Sanchez seems to be overlooking fans who were nothing, but supportive as the Jets defense and run game carried them to consecutive AFC championship games as Mark Sanchez struggled to gain any footing in his rookie and sophomore seasons.

The fans in New York only began to turn against Sanchez as the teams run game and defensive prowess were on decline as Sanchez continued to be anything above mediocre.

Considering his relatively poor performance and infamous moments of embarrassment, most notably the butt-fumble incident, it is no surprise that the Jets fans lost their faith.

Now Sanchez has found another town, whose fans are most renowned for booing their own players out of the stadium. It then begs the question, if the city’s fans are truly embracing him, or if the lack of the spotlight is what makes him think the fans are kinder.

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