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Florida State Tops AP Preseason Poll


Florida StateUnsurprisingly, last years National Champions, the Florida State Seminoles, find themselves on top of the recently released AP Preseason top 25 poll.

This is the first time FSU has found themselves on top of the AP preseason poll since 1999, the year where the Seminoles became the first team to hold the number 1 spot on the poll for the entire season.

FSU, led last year by the Heisman winning performance by red-shirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston, the Seminoles ended the SEC National Championship winning streak when they defeated Auburn 34-31 early January.

This year is different though, the Bowl Championship Series has been replaced by the College Football Playoff. Rather than simply having a game between the top 2 teams in the country based on the BCS rankings, a selection committee will pick the top 4 teams in college football to determine who will play in the 2 national semi finals games.

Of the 60 possible 1st place votes for the poll, Florida State received 57 of those votes, the rest were distributed equally between the teams ranked 2, 3, and 4, Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma respectively. Ohio State rounds out the rest of the AP top 5.

The rest of the 10 consists of Auburn at number 6, UCLA at number 7, Michigan State at number 8, South Carolina at number 9, and Baylor at number 10.

Despite the SEC not holding the top spot, the conference has tied its record by having 8 teams in the AP preseason top 25. Aside from the 3 in the top 10, other SEC teams in the poll are Georgia at 12, LSU at 13, Ole Miss at 18, Texas A&M at 21, and Mizzou at 24.

The PAC 12 has the next best showing among the conferences, with 6 teams represented in the top 25 poll.

Since its inception in 1950, 10 teams who started the season on top of the AP preseason poll, finished the season at number 1 as well. Florida, already having done it in 1993 and 1999, looks to accomplish that feat for a 3rd time.


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