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Former Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Settles With Team


chris kluweThe Minnesota Vikings and their former punter Chris Kluwe have settled out of court, putting an end to the issues that Kluwe held against the Vikings.

Since Kluwe was released by the Vikings following the 2012 season, the relationship between the team and player had been anything, cordial and friendly.

Kluwe wrote an article published in Deadspin last January in which he called out Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer, accusing the coach of utilizing gay slurs addressed at the punter. During this past summer, Kluwe said he was planning on suing the Vikings organization for $10 million on accusations of defamation of character and emotional distress if the Vikings chose not punish Priefer for his behavior.

The Vikings did, eventually, punish Priefer by suspending his for 3 games, and that punishment appears to have helped the Vikings and Kluwe reach a settlement on the issue.

Lawyer Clayton Halunen has announced that both sides of the issue will hold a press conference, together, next week at which the details of the settlement will be divulged to the public.

When asked if the settlement would ensure that there is not further legal action taken by Kluwe against his former team, at least on this issue, Halunen responded with a resounding, “Absolutely.”

Kluwe was a very good punter in his time serving in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. In his career, the entirety of which was spent with the Vikings, Kluwe average punt went 44.4 yards, with his career long being a booming 70 yard punt. In his 8 seasons in the NFL Kluwe also only had 1 punt blocked in his entire career.

With the prospective lawsuit in the rear view mirror, both the Vikings and Kluwe can move on, and the Vikings can put focus back on the upcoming season where it belongs.


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