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Indiana Pacers In Talks With Shawn Marion


Shawn MarionThe Indiana Pacers have entered into talks with free agent Shawn Marion, firmly inserting themselves into the discussion of likely landing spots, along with the LeBron James effort to convince Marion to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Monday, Marion met with Pacers president Larry Bird during a visit to Indianapolis, according to sources close to the situation. Bird urged the defensive specialist Marion to come meet with the Pacers following the severe compound leg fracture suffered by the Pacers Paul George.

Going into Monday, the Cavaliers were widely considered the front runners to land Shawn Marion, despite the fact that Cleveland was limited to only being able to offer Marion $1.4 million due to the use of the rest of the Cavs have used all of their exceptions already, as well as the use of the majority of their cap room.

The Pacers will be given a $5.3 million disabled player exception by the league as a result of the season ending injury George suffered in Team USA’s training camp, so the Pacers do have the resources to offer more money than than the Cavaliers. If the Pacers spend any more than $1.7 million of that exception, the Pacers will wander into luxury tax area, which is something the Pacers would probably want to avoid.

Sources have said that Marion, should he end up leaving the Dallas Mavericks in free agency, that he would like to play for a championship contender, so even if the Pacers are able to offer more money, there is a chance that the championship prospects of the Cavaliers may be enticing enough to bring Marion to the Cavs despite any higher offer from the Pacers.


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