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Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay Fined, Suspended by NFL


Jim IrsayThe NFL handed down the punishment for Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay after he pleaded guilty earlier in the day to one misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The league suspended him for six games and fined him $500,000. The suspension beings at 5PM today.

Judge J. Richard Campbell ordered that if Irsay is arrested again for operating while intoxicated within the next five years, the charge will be a felony offense. Irsay’s full sentence includes 60 days to in the Hamilton County Jail, according to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. Fifty-eight days of his sentence were suspended, and Irsay was given two days of credit for the one day he served on March 17.

Irsay cannot visit the club’s facilities, attend practices or games, represent the team at league meetings and events, and may not conduct interviews or engage in social media regarding team or league matters, the NFL said in a press release.

He will be subject to treatment, counseling and testing as determined by medical professionals and the court.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said no draft choices were forfeited because the conduct did not have competitive advantage.

A toxicology report in court showed Irsay had the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone” in his system during his arrest. Police records said officers “continuously had to support Irsay in order to prevent him from falling over.”

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