Japan Could Be Chosen for Team in Super Rugby


japan rugby 5Japan is ready to be chosen as the final franchise in Super Rugby instead of Singapore according to reports out of Australia.

The competition will be expanded to include 18 teams starting in 2016, with an extra team being added in South Africa as well as one being added to the league in Argentina.

The final team is thought to be between the two countries of Singapore and Japan, with Singapore mooted as a possible home for a team from the Pacific Islands, while Japan would be looking at basing the franchise around their national team.

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, bosses in Super Rugby have edged towards Japan. A decision potentially could be announced by the end of September.

The biggest issue with Japan is the travel, with the club set to join the conference in South Africa and flights of 24 hours are necessary between the two countries.

However, Eddie Jones the coach of Japan explained that certain home games could be played in other cities in Asian, including Singapore to lower the amount of travel time.

Jones added that what Japan would like to think is if we are in fact chosen to be the team in Super Rugby we would be representing Asia rugby and that would mean many opportunities to play matches in Asia, which would cut down on travel.

He said there was not any reason why games could not be played in other locations, as there is not rule that we have to play each game in Japan.

Jones called that a possible solution to the travel problem and another reason they should be chosen as the next Super Rugby team.

Jones added that Hong Kong and Singapore would be great locations to play and he is sure that there are direct flights from South Africa to Hong Kong, making reference to another possible venue.

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