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Johnny Manziel Debuts For Cleveland Browns


Johnny ManzielSaturday night, rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel made his professional football debut for the Cleveland Browns, the team that drafter him lat in the 1st round of this years NFL draft.

Both Manziel and Brian Hoyer, the QB who started the game for the Browns, had some mild success, though the game did little to answer the question of who the Browns’ starting qb will be by the time the regular season rolls around.

Hoyer completed 6 of 14 passes for 92 yards, a few of the incompletions can be blamed on drops, but Hoyer was unable to find the end-zone.

Manziel had a fairly similar performance, also unable to lead the Browns to a touchdown, Manziel completed 7 of 11 passes for 63 yards. Manziel also ran the ball 6 times for 27 yards.

With neither quarterback leading a touchdown drive, the Browns lost the game 13-12 to the Detroit Lions.

“There’s definitely a few throws that I would want to have back and put in a better spot,” Hoyer said, “But to have ACL surgery and be back out there playing is definitely a step forward.”

Manziel was happy to be making his debut, but admitted there was certainly room for improvement, especially if he wants to separate himself into becoming the starter.

“Luckily for me there’s three more games to get out there and learn,” Manziel said.

Before the Browns 2nd preseason game, the Browns need to decide if they want to give Manziel an opportunity to perform with the first unit and see if that improves his performance.

The 2nd preseason game for the Browns is an important one, as it will likely determine the game 3 starter. The 3rd game of the NFL preseason tends to be the preseason game closest to a regular season game with most of the starters playing relatively deep into the game.



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