Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Both Say They Regret Brawl


Jon Jones, Daniel CormierCurrent UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones, and challenger Daniel Cormier both say they regret the brawl that took place at a publicity stop in Las Vegas earlier this week. Both fighters also said that, in a similar situation, they would probably react the same way.

During another publicity event Tuesday, the fighters managed to keep things civil, sitting on opposite sides of a stage at a club in downtown Los Angeles, with police officers stationed between the 2 men.

“The whole situation was silly, and I think I reacted inappropriately,” said Jones, the UFC’s 205-pound champion. “I think I turned a lot of fans off. I think I turned a ton of fans on.”

The fighters will almost certainly face some kind of punishment from the UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission for the altercation outside the octagon, at the MGM Grand Casino, but the fighters also went viral, almost certainly responsible for the sale of thousands of orders for their pay-per-view title bout on September 27th at UFC 178.

The altercation began at the photo face-off when both fighters walked right into each other with Jones, the taller of the 2, placing his forehead on Cormier’s head. Cormier pushed the champ by around the neck and Jones responded by swinging at Cormier. The fighters fell off the makeshift stage and continued to fight among the assembled media and spectators.

Jones described the brawl as a result of the mental warfare before a fight.

“If Daniel could touch me like that and me not do anything, I think it would have given him a false sense of confidence,” Jones said. “I needed to let him know that I am not on the defense. I am the lion. I am the aggressor. I am the one that’s on the attack. You’re just not going to do that to me.”


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