Jose Quinonez Gets Win In Ultimate Fighter Opener


Jose QuinonezJose Quinonez gets a fight stoppage for Team Mexico in this first match of the Ultimate Fighter Latin America. Quinonez win gives Team Mexico coached by heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez (13-1) the early advantage in the sixteen fight competition and the right to set up the second fight.

As the fighters arrived at the training center the coin toss by Dana White goes in the favor of Team Mexico who will get to select the first fight.

The Ultimate Fighter Latin America will feature up and coming fighters in the bantamweight and featherweight divisions will compete with one another for the right to be named the Ultimate Fighter.

No. 1 heavyweight contender Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum (18-5-1) is coaching Team Latin America in the competition. The competition will close with three bouts in UFC 180 with a featherweight, bantamweight and heavyweight fight in the event.

Quinonez wasn’t the initial choice for Team Velasquez but Gabriel Benitez’ ankle injury forced the team to go to him for the fight against Bentley Syler from Team Werdum. Syler has studied medicine and has taken the moniker of “Doctor Bolivia” and spends some time “diagnosing” some of the fighters’ injuries.

Quinonez barely makes weight for the fight and winds up having to get into his birthday suit to weigh in for the fight.

The two bantamweights square off in the octagon and Quinonez uses his size and reach advantage to keep Syler at bay. However as the fight wore on Quinonez isn’t careful and is taken down briefly by Syler before both fighters stood back up into the clinch and then returned to the center of the mat.

While at center octagon, Quinonez lands a solid right, left combo that sends Syler to the mat. Syler attempts another takedown but Quinonez counters and takes the top position and unleashes an onslaught that leaves Syler bloodied but he manages to get the fight back up.

As the fighters exchanged punches Quinonez again lands a solid shot and capitalizes with a flurry from the top position that leads to the fight being stopped.

Team Mexico/Velasquez has control of the competition and will send a healthy Gabriel Benitez into the octagon against Diego Rivas.

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