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Judge Denies Donald Sterling, Clippers Sale On


Clippers NBA NewsJudge Michael Levanas has shot down Donald Sterling’s attempt to block the $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Judge issued an, “oral tentative statement decision” that declares that Shelly Sterling, wife of owner Donald Sterling, has the right to sell the team.

The Clipper’s owner made headlines during the team’s run to the Western Conference Semi Finals, when TMZ released Sterling’s racist comments to his girlfriend.

In the public outcry that followed the NBA issued a lifetime ban to the Clippers owner and voted to force the sale of the Clippers.

A deal was made with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to sell the franchise for $2 billion.

Since the sale, however, Donald Sterling has attempted to block the sale and keep ownership of the Clippers franchise. In response Head Coach Doc Rivers, and star point guard Chris Paul stated that they would not contribute to the team’s 2014 season if Donald Sterling remained control of the team.

Today’s ruling is a likely win for not just Clipper’s fans, but the NBA as a whole. Assuming the decision stands, and all indicators are that it will, the sale will go through and the Clippers will have a new owner and begin to leave behind the nasty stain that this incident left on their 2013 season.

Hopefully, the Clippers can rebound, and play the highly competitive and exciting brand of basketball that has helped the franchise emerge from their reputation as that other team in L.A, to a true championship contender.

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