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Lions Reggie Bush: Advise For Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel


Lions Reggie BushDetroit Lions running back Reggie Bush had some advise to give Cleveland Browns rookie 1st round quarterback Johnny Manziel: “learn to say no.”

If any payer in the league today is someone who can relate to the attention and hype faced by Manziel, it is certainly Reggie Bush. As the 2nd overall pick the 2006 draft, Reggie Bush was faced with an incredible amount of attention after his career at USC came to a close.

Bush came into the league, very much like Manziel has, with a celebrity already surrounding him. Manziel has been getting more media attention as a rookie who has yet to be named a starter many MVPs, pro bowlers, and veterans get at their career peaks. Bush was very similar.

“It reminds me of what I went through, you know,” Bush told “For him, he’s going to have to learn how to say no and that’s going to be extremely hard because it’s going to be the people closest to you who you’re going to have to learn to say no to.”

Bush continued, “And then you’re going to have to keep your circle small so that you can be allowed to focus on football, because without football, nothing else is going to (matter).”

Bush, now a veteran in the league has settled down, has a wife and kid, and is thankful for the attention he received early as it has helped him deal with the attention he receives now.

Bush said he doesn’t know how Manziel is handling the attention and pressure, Bush is just like everyone else, on the outside looking in.

bush has offered this advise to a player who will likely have the spotlight on him for sometime, hoping it will help him cope with everything he must endure.

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