Luis Suarez Vows To Never Bite Again


Luis SuarezNew Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has vowed never to bite another player again, and has revealed he has been seeing a psychologist since taking a bite of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay.

Suarez played in 14, relatively uneventful minutes as a substitute in Monday’s 6-0 dismantling of Trofeo Gamper. After the game, the former Liverpool striker spoke to reporters at Camp Nou.

“I say to fans, don’t worry, because I won’t do that anymore,” Suarez said. “I spoke to my psychologist, and he said I had to face it and say sorry. I did — now I would rather focus on the present, which is Barcelona.”

Suarez continued, “The ban is what it is and must be accepted. I am focused now on achieving important things for Barcelona. Everything from before is forgotten. If I tried to think about everything, I would not be able to sleep. My mind now is focused on training until October.”

While the Uruguay forward is still serving a 4 month ban from competition due a punishment handed down by FIFA as a result of the incident in the World Cup, but a recent decision from the CAS, or Court of Arbitration for Sports, gave Suarez the right to practice with teammates, attend team events, and even play in friendlies.

The biting incident in the World Cup was the 3rd time Suarez has bitten another player while on the pitch during a match, confirmed that he had been receiving professional help for the issue, but did not reveal any further details about the incident.

“That is something personal, which I will work on with the right professionals,” he said. “When it happened, I felt very down and did not want to do anything, then when I was with my family, I saw I had to accept the reality.”


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