Michelle Roberts Named New Chief of NBPA


Michelle RobertsThe National Basketball Players Association, or NBPA for short, has named the first female chief in the history of the organization.

Roberts, an attorney out of Washington D.C is not only the first female chief of the NBPA, she is the first head of any major North American Sports Union.

The NBPA executive committee as well as team player representatives , after a long, busy Monday full of meetings, presentations, and conference calls, cast 32 votes in favor of making Roberts the successor to former chief Billy Hunter. The total of 32 is 6 more than she needed for succession.

LA Clippers point guard and president of the players association was particularly impressed by Roberts. Paul described what appealed to him as Roberts being full of new ideas, her poise under pressure, and her resolve during an long and in depth interview process.

“One particular member from our search committee … asked her a very tough question in the interviews and [vice president] Roger [Mason Jr.] almost fell out of his seat after she finished giving her answer,” Paul said. “Even though she’s a female, she’s very relatable to a lot of our players. I think that’s what really hit home for not only myself but some of these other guys as well.”

“They’ve got their union back, and I’m going to make sure that they are empowered to take their union exactly where they want their union to go,” Roberts said. “It’s going to be a team that’s going to empower them to be able to do their business as they decide.”

The Roberts era is already focusing on the potential of the NBPA opting out of the current collective bargaining agreement after the 2016-2017 NBA season.


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