NASCAR Announces New Rule In Wake Of Tony Stewart Accident


tony stewartIn the wake of a tragic incident last Saturday night that resulted in the death of dirt track driver Kevin Ward Jr after being struck by Tony Stewart’s vehicle after getting out of his own, NASCAR has announced a new rule that drivers are to stay in their cars after any on track incident until NASCAR personnel arrive at the scene of the incident.

Speaking Friday from Michigan, NASCAR Vice President of Competition and Racing Development Pemberton provided an outline on the new rule, which is also aimed at avoiding on-track altercations following incidents.

“As we have demonstrated in our history that we are willing to react quickly to different incidents…this morning we are formalizing one of…our at-track regulations,” said Pemberton.

In essence, the rule stipulates that if a driver is unable to move their car forward or backward following an incident, they are to remain in the vehicle until NASCAR personnel reach the scene to assist. The rule, of course, is overwritten if staying in the vehicle would put the driver at risk, for example if the vehicle ignited following a wreck.

Pemberton did not specifically reference the incident that occurred with Stewart and Ward Jr, but did say that NASCAR evaluates incidents from across all forms of racing in order to ensure the best possible safety standards for their drivers.

“Throughout the history of our sport, NASCAR has reviewed and analyzed situations and occurrences that take place not just in NASCAR racing but also throughout all motorsports and other sports,” Pemberton said. “When we believe we can do something to make our sport safer and better for the competitors and others involved in the competition environment, we react quickly. Safety always has been priority number one at NASCAR.”

Stewart has announced he will not be driving this weekend at Michigan International Speedway.



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