NCAA Votes To Allow Power 5 Autonomy


NCAAThe NCAA Division 1 board of directors voted 16-2 Thursday to allow the top 5 conferences in collegiate football to essentially create their own rules that govern anything from player insurance benefits, staff sizes, cost of attendance stipends, and recruiting rules seperate from any NCAA decision making process.

“This keeps Division I together,” board chairman and Wake Forest president Nathan Hatch said. “I’m thrilled that Division I and all its virtues can be maintained, and I think this is the pathway to do so.”

The power 5 conferences, the ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, Big Ten, and SEC, and the 64 teams that comprise them (Notre Dame was also given autonomy), can submit their own legislation by October 1st which will be discussed and enacted at the January 2015 NCAA convention, to be held in Washington D.C.

Some of the first issues expected to be addressed by the power 5 conferences are the cost of attendance stipends, worth between $2000, and $5000 a player, and 4 year scholarship guarantees.

The NCAA approved the stipends 3 years ago, but they were voted down by the membership as a whole, and are likely to be implemented among the power 5 conferences.

“I think you’ll see those issues be acted on very aggressively, right away,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said.

Other issues that may see enactment because of this new autonomy for the power 5 is a loosening of restrictions on players conversing with agents, players seeking outside paid opportunities may now be allowed, and there may be coverage for players’ families to attend postseason games.

There are still some things the power 5 cannot change and those are the rules on transfer policies, postseason tournaments, scholarship limits, and rules that govern on the field play.

This new autonomy will give the power 5 conferences an unprecedented level of control and maybe make these schools even more enticing destinations for graduating high school talent.

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