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New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Will Ready To Play


Drew BreesNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is ready to play against the Indianapolis Colts in the Saints next preseason game after recovering from a strained oblique that has forced him to miss the Saint’s first 2 preseason games.

Brees looked sharp in practice all this week, especially Wednesday when the quarterback threw multiple touchdown strikes during the teams 11 on 11 red zone drills. Brees threw a total of 9 touchdowns in practice on Wednesday, showing no lingering rust from the strain.

At one point, the normally immobile quarterback scrambled for a long gain up the middle of the field.

Saints head caoch Sean Payton confirmed the obvious to reporters by saying the Brees is definitely, “ready to go.”

“I thought he looked pretty sharp tonight. There were a handful of throws that were exceptional,” said Payton, who pointed out the way Brees was gradually increasing his workload off to the side during practice over the past two weeks. “I think we’ve handled it the right way, and he is pretty smart and he knew where he was at. My only concern was [whether] we had set our mind on a game maybe, and that really shouldn’t dictate his healing.

“Now, it happened to be that he feels ready to go. I’m sure he’s going to play, and we’ll figure out how many snaps in this game. But he looked pretty sharp tonight.”

Brees is expected to play about a half in the Saints upcoming preseason game, fairly typical for most NFL offenses during the 3rd week of the preseason, which is typically the closet thing to a full game most teams play before the regular season gets underway.

If Brees plays this season like he has in practice so far this week, opposing defenses have a pretty significant reason to be concerned if they find the Saints on their schedule.

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