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New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham Flagged For Dunk


jimmy grahamNew Orleans Saint’s tight end Jimmy Graham experienced the consequences of the “Jimmy Graham rule” for the first time Saturday during a team scrimmage.

After catching a touchdown pass from quarterback Luke McCown, Graham couldn’t help himself and dunked the ball over the crossbar on the goal post, as he is known to do. This celebration, starting this season, is considered illegal and now will draw a celebration penalty.

A crew of NFL officials was at the scrimmage to call the game, and the crew promptly threw the flag after Graham celebrated his touchdown, resulting in a chorus of boos from those in attendance.

Unfortunately for Graham, the NFL seems very intent on enforcing this new rule, which in the eyes of many fans, will simply serves to add to the NFL’s reputation as the “No Fun League.”

The NFL has long had a rule against using the ball as a prop in touchdown celebrations, and due in part to the knocking loose of some goalposts after the dunk celebration, have decided to include dunking the ball under that guideline.

NFL referee Gene Steratore and his crew have been with the Saints for the last couple days to help breakdown any new rule changes and answer any questions the players had, a process referees do with every team. Steratore was asked if the goal post wasn’t touched if dunking or finger rolling the ball would be penalized. Steratore responded, “no, [that’s a] prop. We just have to go prop.”

Graham had this to say, “”I am going to listen to the rules and I understand the consequences,” Graham told the Saints’ website. “I don’t want to hurt the team, but I really just don’t know what to do now .”



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