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New York Giants Running Back Peyton Hillis Injured


GiantsThe New York Giants have lost another running back, this time Peyton Hillis. One day after it was announced that Giants running back David Wilson would retire due to medical concerns over multiple neck injuries, Peyton Hillis was injured in Tuesday’s practice. Though it was described as an ankle sprain originally, Giants’ head coach tom Coughlin was more vague when describing it Wednesday.

“It’s an ankle/foot kind of thing,” Coughlin said. When asked about a timetable for the return of Hillis, Coughlin responded, “I don’t. It looks like it’ll be a little while.”

Ater the injury to Wilson, Hillis was promoted to the number 2 back after starter Rashad Jennings. With Hillis now injured, the Giants are left with a difficult situation at running back as the only running backs that are healthy on the roster, aside from Jennings, are inexperienced.

Andre Williams looked strong in the Giants preseason opener, but other backups Michael Cox, who has only 22 carries after his rookie season, and Kendall Gaskins, who has never appeared in a regular season game, leave a lot to be desired.

When asked about the injury, Hillis said, “The way they talk, if I rest it and get treatment on it, hopefully I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Hillis continued, “They haven’t let me know when, but I’m looking to be back pretty early.”

Coughlin has also indicated that the Giants will not sign another running back at this point in the year, but if the situation with Hillis is bleak the organization will have to do something.

The Giants have experienced their share of injuries so far this training camp, and the injury to Hillis just seems to be yet another bit of misfortune to strike the Giants.


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