((NZ Tv)) Joseph Parker vs Jason Bergman Live Streaming Boxing Fight online Sky Arena Coverage.


Watch free Joseph Parker vs Jason Bergman Live Streaming Fight online Sky Arena Coverage. “I feel like everyone’s expecting me to put on a great performance and I’m actually expecting myself to put on a great performance because I feel so good,” he said. “It’s been a long year and I’m going to finish this fight off with the best I can do.”

Indeed, Parker has cut a relaxed figure all week as he looks to continue his rise up the heavyweight division.

Following the weigh-in ceremony he joked with reporters that he might work on his tan on the day of the fight.

It’s not that Parker is taking Bergman, who has suffered 11 defeats in 38 fights, lightly – even if he was serious, the odds of his meticulous trainer Kevin Barry allowing him anywhere near a sun-lounger would be slim to none.

But he is confident in his preparation and the fight plan Barry has put in place for the American southpaw.

“The thing about boxing is, you can say this and say that but you can’t underestimate your opponent because he’s come prepared as well. One punch can change everything.

“So I’m prepared that’s why mind is in the right place.”

Parker, undefeated in 17 fights, is conceding almost eight kilograms to Bergman after weighing in at 108.9kg.

It’s a weight consistent with his previous fights and one that has served him well having stopped each of his last six opponents inside five rounds.

It’s expected to be close to 30 degrees on fight night and may be warmer inside the arena, but Parker does not see that as an issue.

“I think I could go 12 rounds in this heat,” he added.

“[Work on] the pads are a good indication of how you feel in the ring and I was punching a lot and moving around a lot. I felt like I was good for six rounds so I’m sure 12 rounds wouldn’t be too hard.”

A street parade was held in Parker’s honour just prior to the weigh-in and the big Kiwi admitted he was blown away by the support he has received from the locals.

“It took a moment to absorb it all, it seemed unreal at one stage,” he said of the high school students chanting his name as he arrived on the back of a truck.

Parker’s showdown with Bergman is the last of seven fights on the card.

The event is being broadcast via pay-per-view on Sky with coverage beginning from 7:30pm.

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