Oakland Pursuing Adam Dunn In Trade, Dodgers Interested Too


adan dunnWhen the Oakland Athletics made the trade that brought Jon Lester to the rotation from the Boston Red Sox, they gave up the production of Yoenis Cespedes .

Sure they got back Jonny Gomes , but that wont replace a player like Cespedes.

Perhaps Billy Beane overplayed his hand a bit. The Athletics lead the majors in runs scored, but rank only 20th in runs in August, following the trade.

Now according to sources the A’s are closing in on a deal that would bring Adam Dunn to Oakland from he Chicago White Sox. The Dodgers are also interest in Dunn.

While there haven’t been reports on Dunn clearing revocable trade waivers, his $15 million salary and defensive limitations both make him a candidate to clear waivers.

Because of a no-trade clause, Dunn has the power to pick which team he wants to finish this season with, and clearly, Oakland is a team with great need right now.

Dunn hit his 20th homer of the season yesterday and has posted a .220/.340/.433 batting line on the season as a whole.

Oakland is now four games behind the Angels in the American League West, after leading the division most of the season. Clearly Beane and the A’s will do something to make a move in September to counter the something they did at the end of July

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