Oakland Raiders Derek Carr Injured


derek carrThe future of the Oakland Raiders franchise took a big hit last night, literally, when Derek Carr, rookie quarterback drafted in the 2nd round of this years NFL Draft, was sacked with 5:40 left on the game clock and received a concussion and a rib injury of unconfirmed severity. At the bare minimum Carr has bruised ribs, but tests may show a more sever injury.

Detroit Lions defensive end Larry Webster beat back up tackle Jack Cornell, got to Carr from his blindside, and crushed the rookie quarterback into the turf. It took Carr a while to get up, and when he did, he pointed to midsection indicating an injury to his ribs.

Head coach of the Raiders Dennis Allen said, “I don’t know exactly what his ribs are but the concussion was why he was out of the game.”

That certainly holds some good news for the Raiders, and while a concussion, no matter the severity, is always cause for concern, the fact that Carr there isn’t much concern being displayed by the Raiders could give fans a reason to breath a little sigh of relief.

There is, however, one major question that needs to be addressed and that is why Carr was still playing so late in the game. Carr was not expected to be the starter for the Raiders come the regular season opener, that is expected to be Matt Schaub, it still begs the question of why Raiders would risk the health of a player who is expected to be their quarterback of the future so late in a meaningless preseason game behind a back up offensive line.

The Raiders have appeared to dodge a bullet as to the severity of Carr’s injuries, but they are still severe enoguh that any chance of Carr winning the starting job on opening day is unlikely.


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