Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen To Stay Off DL


McCutchenJust one day after the Pittsburgh Pirates announced that All Star center fielder Andrew McCutchen will be going to the DL, they announced that McCutchen will remain a part of the active roster.

While the injury was originally described as a strained oblique, the team has said McCutchen has an “avulsion fracture involving the costochondral cartilage of the left 11th rib.” The injury is essentially a pulling away of muscle fibers from its attachment where the bone meets the cartilage on the rib.

“We want to take the appropriate time to make the best possible decision for Andrew,” the Pirates said.

“I’m not going to play today and I’m not going to play tomorrow but we’ll see after that,” McCutchen said on Tuesday. “Two days ago, I couldn’t even bend down to put my shoes on. Now, I can … get dressed like normal, so I’m getting better.”

The team has not pinpointed what, specifically, caused the injury, but McCutchen was forced to leave the Pirates game this past Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 8th inning after hitting a sacrifice fly, and having difficulty jogging to first base. Some have suggested that the injury was initially caused during Saturday’s game against the Diamondbacks as McCutchen was hit in the back by a pitch.

McCutchen has never been to the disabled list since being called up to the bigs in June 2009, and he appears to be avoiding his first stint for the time being.

This is an uncommon injury in baseball so, at the moment, there is not set timetable for McCutchen’s return.

“They are trying to get as much information as they can,” Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said. “At this point we’re weighing whether Andrew might be able to come back in less than 15 days against playing a man short. For now, we’re going to wait and keep him on the active roster.”

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