Premiership Rugby Threatens to Play Durin Rugby World Cup


Premiership RugbyPremiership Rugby threatened to continue its league schedule during the World Cup next year unless a deal is reached with the RFU.

Tensions have run high between the RFU and Premiership Rugby over recent months.

Members of Premiership Rugby have been upset after RFU failed to consult with them over their bid for the World Cup.

They now want compensation of £14 million from the RFU since they must shut down league play during the World Cup action in England.

The global showpiece has been scheduled for sometime between September and October. The Premiership clubs would have no income from match day receipts for more than five months, as their league finishes near the end of May. According to their projections, each club in the top tier would lose approximately £1.2 million.

However, the RFU have not yet agreed to the compensation demands of the Premiership.

A report by the Rugby Paper says that the RFU have offered Premiership Rugby a payment of £6 million on the condition the clubs release players to play in more Tests at home, additional money would them come in to Premiership Rugby, as part of the agreement made between RFU and the clubs, which is up for renewal in 2016.

The offer by the RFU is unlikely to be met with open arms by the Premiership. Administrators at the leading clubs in England are set not to accept the RFU’s new deal for after the World Cup.

Simon Cohen the CEO at Leicester Tigers said they should play during the World Cup if suitable compensation is not agreed to.

The threat to play through the tournament could jeopardize holding the World Cup. An agreement reached between the IRB and RFU states that no elite level rugby can be played while the World Cup is being held.

Premiership Rugby clubs are not worried about that agreement as they say the other two groups entered into that agreement without any consulting with us.

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