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Rams vs Dolphins Preview


rams vs dolphinsThe St Louis Rams are set to compete against the Miami Dolphins in what is the final preseason game for both teams, one that both teams hope to win to garner a little additional momentum before the regular season gets underway.

Considering the injury to Rams starting quarterback Sam Bradford, we may see his replacement Shaun Hill more than most starters to get him so extra time, but for the most part, starters for both teams will spend most of their time on the bench as the backups compete for the final roster spots on the teams.

So far this season, the Rams have played to a 1-2 preseason record and the Dolphins have played to a 2-1 record, and they both look to get one more win before the season gets underway.

The St. Louis Rams came into this preseason hoping to be competitive in a very tough NFC West that features the most recent Superbowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks, the tough San Francisco 49ers, as well as the rising Arizona Cardinals. While the Rams are still hoping to improve from last season, the loss of Sam Bradford for the season will be a major setback for the Rams to try and overcome as the team prepares to enter the regular season starting next week.

The Miami Dolphins are looking to continue improving and maybe even compete for the AFC East Division title. The AFC East has long been dominated by Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, but the Miami Dolphins are poised in being able to overcome their other division opponents, the New York jets and Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins hope to finally get an edge in the division this year and make the playoffs.

The line for this game favors the Dolphins by 3, and the over/under is set at 39.5.

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