Rob Manfred Elected Next Commissioner Of Baseball


MLB, MLBPA Announce New Labor AgreementRob Manfred has been elected to become the 10th commissioner of basebeall when Bud Selig retires in January of 2015 after a long day on Thursday at the quarterly owners meeting.

After ballots where Manfred received 20, 21, and 22 of the 23 required votes to be elected early in the day, the owners stayed overtime in order to reach the required 70% approval.

Manfred is most well known for negotiating 3 new collective bargaining agreements between Major League baseball and the MLB Players Association without there being a single work stoppage. Manfred’s primary competition came from part owner of the Boston Red Sox Tom Werner. On what was reported to be the 5th or 6th ballot of the day, and already after the Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays switched their vote to Manfred, the Washington Nationals are reported to be the 23rd vote in Manfred’s favor, securing him the job.

Later, in a symbolic gesture, the owners made the official tally of votes a unanimous decision for Manfred to succeed Selig.

Manfred has served as baseballs Chief Operating Officer since last September, and was an executive vice president for 1 years prior to that. Manfred will officially inherit the commissioners office on January 26th 2015.

The selection of Manfred to the office can be looked at as an approval of the job Bud Selig has done over the past 22 years as the commissioner of baseball as Manfred served as Selig’s right hand man for much of the last few years.

“I hope I will perform as the tenth commissioner in a way that will add to (Selig’s) great legacy,” Manfred said.

Manfred’s years of experience working in baseball and closely with Bud Selig over the years make him a logical choice to succeed Selig, and the majority of owners believe that Manfred will continue to push baseball forward in a positive way.



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