Rugby: Argentina Looking for Revenge


Argentine rugbyAugustin Creevy the captain for Argentina wants revenge against the South African side that narrowing defeated the Argentines in Saturday’s Rugby Championship match in Pretoria.

The loss by Argentina was a long way from the thrashing they suffered 73-13 at the hands of South Africa in 2013. The team, led by Creevy pushed South Africa the entire way in a match played under horrendous conditions at Loftus.

Enjoying the better hand in scrum, Creevy underlined his dissatisfaction with the final result after coming close to his country’s first ever victory against South Africa.

Creevy added that the club was not happy due to them not being able to get a try over the final dying minutes of the match and because the end result was a loss.

He called his fellow teammates a group that works hard and makes sacrifices therefore we must gain our revenge in Salta.

The club grew stronger and our backs produce great during the entire match overall the team is still disappointed as the end result was we did not win, added Creevy.

Creevy revealed that he vowed this time the team would not be humiliated in the manner it was in 2013 following an early try by Ruan Piernaar.

The Argentine captain said that after South Africa scored an early try, when Ruan Piernaar the scrum half went over during the second minute, the club came together under the uprights and told each other we will not fold as we did last year.

That changed the way the team looked and played the rest of the match and demonstrated that the Argentine’s are now at a level where they can compete and eventually win against the world’s best.

They will get their chance when they have their rematch in Salta and will be better prepared with the support of all the fans.

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