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Saints Jimmy Graham To Stop Dunks


Jimmy GrahamNew Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is going to stop dunking on the goal post after touchdowns. Not necessarily something that Graham wants to do, but due to NFL rule changes that making dunking over a goal post a flaggable offense under the excessive celebration rule, Graham will have no other choice.

In the Saints most recent preseason game on Friday, Graham dunked the ball twice, drawing flags both times, and earning the ire of Saints head coach Sean Payton as evidenced on the sideline.

While Graham hasn’t indicated that he regrets his preseason dunks, and defiantly does not agree with the rule change he has said that during the regular season he, “would never do anything to hurt the team” in the regular season.”

Graham continued, “You know, for four years and however many touchdowns, I’ve always dunked it. And I just gotta stop doing that now.” While Graham made it clear that he would put the well being of the team above his desire to perform his longtime touchdown celebration he still made the point that his dunking is, “not hurting anyone.”

Payton confronted Graham after the second dunk in Friday’s preseason game confronting the tight end about the issue.

“Listen, I’m his biggest fan,” Payton said. “And I’m sure as we get going here, that type of thing isn’t going to be a problem. You know, rules are changing constantly whether we like them or whether we voted for them or any of those things. But listen, he’s outstanding. He’ll be ready to go. And then what took place in the meeting will be between he and I.”

Graham and Payton have plenty of mutual respect for each other, and we can be sure that Graham, who will still score his fair share of touchdowns, will no longer go to his favorite celebration come the regular season.


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