San Francisco 49ers having Red Zone Problems


49ersThe San Francisco 49ers were able to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in a thrilling game on Sunday 22-17 at new Levi’s Stadium on Santa Clara.

The 49ers might have won, but the team is far from playing its “A” game on offense.

The offense continues to have problems when it enters the red zone of its opponents. The 49ers are settling for field goals instead of punching the ball across the goal line for a touchdown.

Colin Kaepernick the San Francisco quarterback back only would comment that all that matters was they continue winning. A true statement in itself, but the same stalling in the red zone took place versus the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl two seasons ago and last season in the NFC Championship against Seattle.

Even though San Francisco could only muster 1 touchdown and 3 field goals in 4 trips to the red zone, the 49ers quarterback was proven right, as they earned a victory.

However, the 49ers were playing Kansas City in Week 5 and not in the NFC Championship or the Super Bowl.

Not only has San Francisco bogged down inside its opponents 20-yard line, the team has yet to score a single touchdown during the fourth quarter all season.

Entering the game, San Francisco had scored touchdowns 50% of the time they entered the red zone which is No. 20 in the 32-team league.

Last season the team was 11th and in 2012, they were 21st.

Phil Dawson is becoming the most important player on the team. The veteran 39-year old kicker hit five field goals in the game. The 49ers only touchdown was a 9-yard pass from Kaepernick to Steven Johnson.

San Francisco continues winning, but their sputtering offense must find a way to score touchdowns or they will have a hard time the second time they face Arizona and the two times they have to play Seattle.


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