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Spurs to Meet Lebron, Cleveland to Open Season?


NBA NewsThere is a rumor going around, according to Brad Stevens of the Boston Globe that the defending champion San Antonio Spurs will go to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers for Lebron’s first game back in a Cav’s uniform.

Although the official NBA schedule isn’t to be released until next month, the rumor is already stirring up some controversy.

While the Cavs, Spurs matchup would certainly be an exciting way to kick off the NBA season, the fact that the rumor places the game is in Cleveland has drawn some frustration from San Antonio.

From J.R. Wilco with Pounding the Rock, “…why should the Spurs have to be the visiting team and play second-banana for LeBron James’ homecoming? They’re the champs. Haven’t they earned the right to host the season’s first game?”

Wilco brings up a strong point. The San Antonio Spurs, who ended the dream a Heat three-peat during the most recent NBA Finals, deserve to open the NBA season at home.

Whether or not the Spurs deserve to play at home is one question, but one can’t deny the appeal of a Spurs at Cavs opener.

The NBA is a business, and its hard in imagine a more marketable opener than Lebron James returning home and playing against the team that denied him his third ring.


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