Steve Hansen’s Critics over Captain are Afraid


Steve_HansenSteve Hansen has a good theory about why certain people in the public are negative about Richie McCaw his captain following the Super Rugby final loss suffered by the Crusaders and which will gain some pace after the poor performance of the All Blacks in Sydney versus the Wallabies.

Saying that McCaw who is 33 is too old, conceding too many penalties and not the talent of Michael Hooper is all based on fear reckons Hansen.

The fear is that McCaw will fail and the team will then fail as well. It is self protection said Hansen, but entirely not necessary.

The defensive effort by McCaw in Sydney was excellent and it had to be.

He made 20 tackles, which was the highest for any one player last weekend in the Rugby Championship. The All Blacks were able to hold on being a man short over the final minutes with the Wallabies rolling on confidence.

Yes, he committed two turnovers, and yes he was penalized on three occasions but it seems the referees are starting to have ideas that are preconceived about the captain and far too often are wrong.

Little doubt exists that McCaw is changing on the field, he has lost some explosiveness of pace he owned at the beginning of his career, but he now is even heavier and stronger.

He cannot make the breaks that Hooper his opposite on the Wallabies can, but it is unfair to make comparisons between the two since they are different players.

However, McCaw can still have the ability be in the right place just at the right time and his physical presence, which is greater than most, means be can dominate tackles and send opponents backwards which changes the momentum of an attack.

He is the most capped of any player in All Blacks history and looked broken physically over the final minutes in Sydney but no thought of replacing him over the last few minutes every entered the coaches minds.

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