Team USA Will Make Final Cuts Soon


Team USAAccording to the chairman of USA basketball, Jerry Colangelo, Team USA could make the final cuts to set its 12 man roster for the FIBA World Cup as soon as Thursday in preparation for the beginning of the tournament on August 30th in Spain.

Colangelo told ESPN that the team could cut the team down to 12 or 13 players after Wednesday nights exhibition game against the Dominican Republic in Madison Square Garden.

“We’ve said we wanted to wait through the end of the week in New York before we made cutbacks,” Colangelo said on Monday, “but that could still change.”

The biggest upside to making the cuts after Wednesday’s game against the Dominicans is having the final roster able to have one solid practice as the final cohesive team before Friday’s game against Puerto Rico.

Colangelo did make sure to make it clear that the option still remains to keep all 16 players currently on the roster, on the roster, until after Friday’s game against Puerto Rico as well.

The final roster for Team USA does not need to be in to FIBA until August 29th, one day before the tournament gets underway. Team USA is even considering taking 13 players to Spain before making one last cut to meet the 12 man roster limit.

Team USA has suffered through a number of big name stars pulling out of the competition including Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, and LaMarcus Aldridge, on top of the gruesome compound leg fracture suffered by Paul George, there are relatively few secured spots on the team.

It is believed that 10 players are still competing for the final 6 roster spots with Anthony Davis, James Harden, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Kenneth Faried, and Steph Curry being the only players believed to have a pot already secured on the squad.

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