Teams Look To Trade For San Francisco 49er Alex Boone


Alex BooneThere are multiple teams preparing to approach the San Francisco 49ers in order to express their interest in trading for guard Alex Boone, who is in the midst of holding out.

Boone has held out for 49ers activities since early in the offseason, and the 2 sides don’t appear to be close to reaching any kind of agreement on a contract extension. People with the organization believe that Boone is prepared to syay away from the team for quite sometime, being unwilling to budge until he gets the extension.

Boone has 2 years remaining on his current contract that will pay him $4 million, a number that Boone doesn’t believe is representative of a fair contract.

Boone signed the 5 year deal in 2011 when he was still a back up guard, and the contract was just for that: a backup guard being paid backup money. Now though, Boone has become one of the better guards in the NFL, and has been an important piece in the 49ers’ offense, helping take them to 2 consecutive NFC championship games.

Some of the teams that could certainly use a guard of Boone’s talent on their frontline are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants. Boone is also capable of plying tackle in the NFL.

Trading Boone will likely be a last resort for the 49ers, as he is an important part of their offense, and the team would be remiss to lose that amount of production on their offensive line.

Joe Looney has been practicing in place of Boone in training camp, but struggled in the 49ers preseason opener against the Baltimore Ravens.

If no progress is made in getting Boone to camp, the 49ers may be forced to seriously consider any trade offers they receive.


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