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Tom Brady Says Pats Have Not Played Well For a Long Time


PatriotsFollowing one of the worst losses in his New England Patriots career, Tom Brady acknowledged on Wednesday that his team on offense has struggled this season. Brady even said the offense has not been playing well for quite some time.

New England coach Bill Belichick pulled Brady early from the blowout on Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team will try to put the pieces back together on offense, which turned the ball over three times and is currently No. 23 in total yardage after 4 games.

Brady ended Monday’s game with 159 yards passing on 14 for 23 passing and two picks. One of the picks was returned by Husain Abdullah for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Brady however is not the only issue on the offensive side. The line is not giving him any time to pass and the receivers to date have underperformed with the exception of Julian Edelman.

Brady said that there is nothing magical about it. The players need to play better or the losing will continue.

During his news conference on Wednesday, Brady, who is 37, was asked about the current speculation that his best is behind him.

He said he was doing the best he could do but would try to play better. He also said he still has faith in the team’s offense and trusts everyone in the locker room.

When Belichick was asked about the offense and Brady all he said was the team was on to its next game against Cincinnati. He said the past is the past and Cincinnati was all that mattered today.

New England hosts Cincinnati Sunday night.

Brady did not want to overanalyze why he was replaced, but did say the team was getting its butt kicked and the coach wanted to make changes.

Jimmy Garoppolo took Brady’s place and completed 6 of his 7 passes and a TD to Rob Gronkowski.

Brady was positive about one thing. He said the team is 2-2 and far from being out of the picture with only one quarter of the season played.

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