UFC: Chiesa-Lauzon Fight Decided With A Cheeseburger


UFC Fight Night: Lauzon v ChiesaMichael Chiesa and Joe Lauzon have decided that the fight between them is decided, for now, by a cheeseburger instead of the $50 thousand fight bonus that wasn’t really on the table. Chiesa clarified his offer on the return of his Fight of the Night Bonus earned at Ultimate Fighting Championship Fight Night 50 last weekend.

Lauzon (24-10) defeated Chiesa (11-2) on a doctor’s stoppage at 2:46 of Round 2 in their fight last Friday night. Lauzon and Chiesa battled back-and-forth in a fight that Lauzon won the first round on the judges’ scorecards. As the two exchanged in the second round, Lauzon caught the “Maverick” with a kidney punch and has Chiesa recovered in the exchange Lauzon caught him with a knee to the right eyebrow. Chiesa’s eyebrow was split open with a gaping wound that caused the fight to be stopped.

Chiesa didn’t agree with the fight stoppage and felt he could continue and finish the fight but Herb Dean officially ended the fight as a win for Lauzon. The fight won the Fight of the Night honors that netted each of the fighters an additional $50 thousand performance bonus.

Chiesa had messaged that he would give up the bonus in order to finish the fight. Lauzon took that to mean that he was being offered $50 thousand for a rematch. However, Chiesa looked to set the record straight about his offer.

“Dear @joelauzon, If you’re gonna question my integrity as a man publicly, you can put the Xbox controller down, board a plane to Spokane, WA and come and try to take the bonus check out of my hands yourself, don’t cross that line,” warned Chiesa, “I said I would have given the FOTN money back to FINISH the fight. I did not say I would pay you 50k for a rematch.”

“I bow out of this social media quarrel, no more retweets, DBSH’s, or interviews. I’ve accepted the loss on my own terms. You don’t want to dance again so it’s pointless,” said the “Maverick”, “But if you ever change your mind, I’m your huckleberry, that’s just my game. Sincerely, Doc Chiesa P.S. I still owe you a cheeseburger”

Joe Lauzon tweeted, “@MikeMav22 It’s squashed. Good fight. I’ll take you up on that burger.” To which Michael Chiesa replied, “@JoeLauzon Agreed it’s squashed. Great fight, I’m still a fan and no love lost. Cheeseburgers on me next time we cross paths.”

The two fighters seem to have settled their differences just as quickly as the differences flared up. Anyone waiting to see the rematch will be left waiting, for now.

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