UFC:White Questions Coaches’ Decision In Jones’ Injury


overeem_lesnar_2_crop_northThe UFC 178 light heavyweight title fight between champion Jon “Bones” Jones (20-1) and No. 2 contender Daniel “DC” Cormier (15-0) was postponed until January due to an injury that Jones suffering in training for the fight. Jones was injured when training partner Alistair “The Reem” Overeem (37-13, 1 NC) fell on his leg during a sparring session in late August.

UFC President Dana White spoke out on the issue on Jim Rhome’s Podcast as he discussed the issue and his frustration with Jones’ trainer Greg Jackson for allowing it to occur.

“It drives me crazy. First of all he’s fighting a 5’ 10” unbelievable wrestler – that’s who he is facing in Daniel Cormier. [But] he’s training with 6’ 10” no-wrestling, all-stand up kickboxer Alistair Overeem. And Alistair Overeem lands on his leg and busts his knee up and gives him a high ankle sprain,” said the aggravated UFC President, “I mean, I just don’t know why he would be training with Alistair Overeem for a fight when he’s going to fight a 5’ 10” wrestler. I don’t know, it’s frustrating. I wanted to pick the phone up about 20 times and call [Greg Jackson] and say, ‘What are you doing? Why’s he training with Alistair Overeem to fight Daniel Cormier? Please tell me how that makes sense?’ But I didn’t. I bit my tongue, until right this second.”

White’s concerns seem to resonate in the mixed martial arts community where Overeem is getting the label of being a bad training partner because Jones isn’t the first partner he’s hurt in his career, or even this year.

Andrei “Pitbull” Arlovski (22-10, 1 NC) claims that “The Reem” sent him to the hospital with a high, hard knee that felt as though it broke ribs while training for a fight.

Overeem also left the Blackzilians over allegations that he was hurting training partners as well.

“(The injury was) very unfortunate. This was just one of those freak accidents on a takedown,” said Overeem in his defense, “What is he doing training with me? We’re in the same gym….There was no intent (to hurt him). There’s always something you can say. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing and it is what it is.”

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