Wallabies Make No Changes for Test in Auckland


WallabiesAustralia has announced it will keep the same squad for its second Test on Saturday in Auckland against New Zealand.

Ewen McKenzie the coach of Australia has stayed consistent with his squad selections giving those who took part in the draw on Saturday in Sydney an opportunity to beat New Zealand at Eden Park this Saturday.

McKenzie said the staff was impressed with the amount of pressure the players applied in the first Test on Saturday, despite a few errors and was pleased the team kept fighting forward even despite poor weather.

The Australian coach added that both teams would be ready for a dry evening on Saturday in Auckland, which will influence the way the match is played.

For us, the team must be more clinical at certain times, but in at the same group deserve another opportunity to have one more crack at the All Blacks, said McKenzie.

The selection process is not easy, although many tough decisions have taken place in the last 12 months with the goal to win, added the Australian coach.

He said that the hard choices made over that period put the team in a better position today.

After the draw ended the 17-game winning streak for New Zealand on the weekend, the Wallabies now turn to one of the great challenges in all of rugby playing New Zealand at Eden Park.

Australia has not been victorious at that venue in 28 years while New Zealand has won 32 consecutive games there against all opposition since 1994.

However, McKenzie said his players would not be intimidated by the history at Eden Park. McKenzie concluded by saying that recent results suggest that Australia has not enjoyed playing at Eden Park, but records are there to be broken and even though many are not giving the squad a chance, we know different.


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